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Smart Golf Scorecard

Smart Golf Scorecard - for WordPress

SGS for WordPress

7 SGS for WordPress

Smart Golf Scorecard for WordPress was developed to enable WordPress golf sites to display their data such as Leaderboard.


  1. Leaderboard - displays top 100 rounds for a given golf course

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be submitted via the contact page.


1 Download

You can download the latest version of SmartGolfScorecard for WordPress from WordPress Plugins page.


3 Documentation

To use this plug-in follow the following steps.

  1. Install Plugin -
  2. Determine you golf course id - In navigate to your golf course. ex: The number in the URL after "" is the course id.
  3. Add short code to page - make sure to include the course id attribute, ex: [smartgolfscorecard course_id=34]



Smart Golf Scorecard Privacy Policy


Enjoy the software. Please submit any issues you may run into or suggest a feature.
Thanks for your help,