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Smart Golf Scorecard

Smart Golf Scorecard - for Windows Mobile 6 / PocketPC

Mobile 6 / PocketPC SGS App

Main Smart Golf Scorecard Screen

ActiveRound Screenshot in Smart Golf Scorecard

7 SGS for Windows Mobile 6 & PocketPC

Smart Golf Scorecard was developed to aid golfers in collecting and storing information about their rounds. If you have a PocketPC or a Windows Mobile device you can keep an electronic scorecard right on the course. After you complete your round using the Smart Golf Scorecard you can easily upload the scorecard to

Benefits of using Smart Golf Scorecard

  1. Eliminate double entry of your scorecard. Instead of using a paper scorecard and then having to retype the data into the website, now you can enter the data once and then synchronize it with the website.
  2. Keep the scorecard for everyone in your group. As long as everyone in your group is registered at, you can keep the score and stats for all of your friends. This makes it that much easier to retain scorecards for your friends, even for those that normally would not track their scores in an online system.
  3. Great for the environment :). You can be assured that at least you’re doing your part for the environment. Not using paper scorecards will reduce the trees that would have needed to be cut down.

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be submitted via the contact page.


1 Download

Currently supporting Windows Mobile 5 and up. Older handhelds/phones with PocketPC may work.



3 Documentation

This is a work-in-progress document that has enough information to get you started, includes screenshots. Last updated on September 19th, 2009

0SGS 1.0 User Guide (PDF)


2 Requirements

Before installing Smart Golf Scorecard, make sure to have installed these prerequisites.


5 Release Notes

Release notes can be found in the Release History Page.


4 Help Wanted

Smart Golf Scorecard and are intended to be freely used. I would like to ask anyone who is interested to please help out with beta testing. For those who are interested when you find bugs or would like to suggest features please use the contact page mentioned above. Eventually, I would like to add a forum but for now the contact page should be enough.

Enjoy the software. Please submit any issues you may run into or suggest a feature.
Thanks for your help,