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Smart Golf Scorecard

Smart Golf Scorecard

Smart Golf Scorecard

Smart Golf Scorecard was developed to aid golfers in collecting and storing information about their rounds. If you have a PocketPC or a Windows Mobile device you can keep an electronic scorecard right on the course. After you complete your round using the Smart Golf Scorecard you can easily upload the scorecard to SmartGolfScorecard.com.

Benefits of using Smart Golf Scorecard

  1. Eliminate double entry of your scorecard. Instead of using a paper scorecard and then having to retype the data into the website, now you can enter the data once and then synchronize it with the website.
  2. Keep the scorecard for everyone in your group. As long as everyone in your group is registered at SmartGolfScorecard.com, you can keep the score and stats for all of your friends. This makes it that much easier to retain scorecards for your friends, even for those that would normally not track their scores in an online system.
  3. Great for the environment :). You can be assured that at least you’re doing your part for the environment. Not using paper scorecards will reduce the trees that would have needed to be cut down.

To download or to get more information visit SmartGolfScorecard.com. Questions, comments, and suggestions can be submitted via the contact page.

Latest 25 Scorecards

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