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Smart Golf Scorecard

Peg-It GolfScoreCard

Peg-It GolfScoreCard

Peg-It was invented by Bjørn Roness. It allows you to keep track of your scorecard with a tee (peg). The device is made of plastic with holes in it. To keep score, you pierce the post-it note which is retained between two plastic pieces. When you get back home, you can scan the pierced paper using the Peg-It software. The software will automatically associate the score for each hole. Lastly, you press a button to submit the scorecard to SmartGolfScorecard.com.

For more information visit Bjørn’s sites Peg-It or Ball-It.

Latest 25 Scorecards

The scorecards below were posted using the Peg-It GolfScoreCard.